Commercial Document Attestation for Jordan Embassy

Commercial Document Attestation for Jordan

Why Commercial documents Attestation required for Jordan Country?

The business relations between the exporters and the importer operating from two countries India to Jordan. Therefore, to protect the respective interests of the exporter India and the importer Jordan Country involved in export business, certain documentary procedures become essential. such documentation facilitates the efficient flow of Products and payments thereof beyond national boundaries. That is why Indian companies are attestation their commercial documents from the Jordan Embassy in India.

India-based companies want to export their products to Jordan, then they must have to attest some Commercial Document from Jordan Embassy in India after the attestation from the Notary, Chamber of Commerce, and MEA. There is a different type of commercial documents to be the export used for Jordan.

INFINITYGRO is registered company GTIN Number: - 07BTDPM5906J1ZI Our Company is one of the trusted document Authentication, Attestation, Apostille, and Jordan Embassy Attestation Consultancy Service Centrally located in New Delhi. Please follow under Jordan Embassy Attestation Process.

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Commercial Document legalization for Jordan

What is the type of Export document is used in Jordan Country?

If the Indian Company is going to export some products to Jordan the country then generally Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, a free Sale Certificate, Packing List, Bill of Lading, GMP Certificate, Insurance Certificate, etc. documents need to be an attestation or the legalization from Jordan Embassy in India. These documents are compulsorily required for exporting to Jordan. On the other hand, if any Indian Company is going to register or expand their business in Jordan, then Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association [MOA], Board of Resolution [BOR], Memorandum of Understanding [MOU], Power of Attorney [POA], Bank Statement, etc. These documents are mandatorily required for registered your company in Jordan.

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Commercial Document Attestation from Jordan Embassy, New Delhi India

Attestation Process: - Commercial documents will be Attestation from Jordan Embassy, New Delhi after the commercial documents duly attested by the respective Chamber of Commerce, generally attestation from [MEA] Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India, New Delhi, and Authentication from Notary Public, New Delhi.

Documents are required for Jordan Embassy Attestation

Jordan Embassy required Commercial Document which too is attested along with the Company Covering Letter & Authorization Letter on your Company Letter Head declaring the reason for attestation, and it will be mentioned: “To, The Jordan Embassy, New Delhi” with round stamp and signature by the authorized signatory.

Time Required for Commercial documents Legalization Jordan Embassy Attestation

Attestation completes the process for Commercial Documents Legalization overall, it could take six to nine working days and it may take some more time for transition and some unavoidable circumstances.

Charges | Fees | Cost for single document attestation from Jordan Embassy

Jordan Embassy’s Attestation fees as per Commercial document decided by them after checking the documents and Our service charge per document.
INFINITYGRO authorized an agency to collects, Submit, and deposit Documents in Jordan Embassy, New Delhi. Our services are Certificate Attestation, legalization, and authentication. We assist in India Issued Commercial Certificate, documents Attestation for Jordan Embassy, New Delhi based in India.

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