Shipping Bill Attestation | Shipping Bill Apostille

Shipping Bill Attestation process

Notary Attestation Shipping Bill, Chamber of Commerce Attestation Shipping Bill, Ministry of External Affairs [MEA] Attestation Shipping Bill, and Certificate of the Incorporation Legalization by the foreign Embassy based in India.

Shipping Bill Apostille process

Notary Authentication Shipping Bill, Chamber of Commerce Attestation Shipping Bill, and Ministry of External Affairs [MEA] Apostille Shipping Bill for HCCH country

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Documents Requirement are required for Attestation or Apostille Shipping Bill.

Shipping Bill [MOA], and Clear passport photocopy [1st, last and passport] of signatory some case. Please contact to INFINITYGRO Attestation department as soon as possible we are providing you all your knowledge in a precious way.

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What is a Shipping Bill and why is required for Attestation or Apostille?

A Shipping Bill is an important document required by the customs authorities for the clearance of goods. An exporter, while dispatching goods from one country to another must go through various formalities including submitting various products, acquiring licenses, paying duties and so on. When you export product and increase business in India to another country it is required to Shipping Bill Embassy Attestation for Gulf country or Apostille required for HCCH country by the Ministry of External Affairs [MEA] [MOFA] govt of India.

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